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Where style meets comfort in every facet of life!

Elevate your space with our exquisite home and hospitality linens, indulge in relaxation with spa and wellness products, and embrace the outdoors with canvas and camping accessories that say, “Nature, I’m ready!” And oh, did we mention our clothing? It’s so comfy, that you might forget you’re wearing it.

Melo: Because life’s too short for anything less than comfort!

What We Do


Awnings/tents and drop sides

Bags and other custom camping /
4×4 accessories

Hunting accessories


Bed Linen

Table Linen

Luxury foam bean bags and sun loungers

Lampshade covering


Bed covers (fabric and plastic)

Spa towelling products
(Headbands, Boob tube wraps, mits etc)




Ladies leisurewear



Our Design & Development Process

Discuss & Design




In The Beginning

This business was founded in the early 1990’s, as a student of a clothing production qualification, with expenses to pay.

In the early 2000’s, still operating as a side hustle, the business grew beyond my capabilities as a student and by then, working mother.

This gave rise to a business then known as “Steps Linen”, owned and run by my parents. They continued to deliver excellent products into the market until 2020, when in their mid-70’s they finally retired and handed the baton back to me.

In 2020, after 20 years in the financial services industry, it was time to step back into the world that I had originally chosen as my path.

A crazy, COVID-fraught start in 2020, my team and I began the manufacture of canvas and outdoor products, exclusively for Afrispoor trailers.

Afrispoor trailers are manufacturers of high end off-road trailers since 1999, into the South African market.

Prior to 2020, all canvas items and repairs were handled off site.

With growth on Afrispoor’s horizon, we agreed to partner so that all canvas products would be made on site and additional services offered to the broader Afrispoor client base. With aligned values of creating items that meet the unique requirements of each client, our partnership continues to flourish.
400 trailers and clients later, here we are.

With the experience that we have gleaned from the years passed, we now seek to enter the market more broadly, with our continued commitment to delivering the quality that is expected from a bespoke service provider.

Our Clients

Home and Hospitality

      • Lindani Lodge
      • Kudu Ranch
      • Steps Linen
      • Private individuals

Salon and Wellness

      • Salon Suppliers
      • Towel Warehouse
      • Marine Spa
      • The Camelot Group
      • Dermaclinical
      • Imabli
      • Clarins
      • Prana Products
      • Laser Beautique
      • Various Doctors rooms

Canvas and Outdoor

      • Afrispoor Trailers
        (all canvas, awnings and related accessories for Afrispoor off-road trailers and their clients)
      • Kudu Ranch
      • Hexagon packaging
      • Playdayz doggie daycare centre
      • Various private clients


      • Pride Milling
      • Eco Pest
      • Sustainabuild

Melo Lifestyle products are an absolute game-changer for my business. They have made me skincare bags, toweling goods, scrubs, gowns, and headbands, which my clients have loved! I must say, I’m thoroughly impressed with their quality, fabric choice, designs, pricing and service.

Overall, Melo Lifestyle products have exceeded my expectations, I highly recommend them to anyone looking to elevate their offering with premium essentials.


Versatile, comfortable seating that you never want to climb out of. Indoor and outdoor, plush or functional, the MELO slouch couch is a must have at home, or chill area at the office. I have them in both, and look forward to jumping on them whenever possible!


Gavin and I own an Afrispoor Cheetah 2 sleeper off-road van.  We wanted to have mesh sides made to replace our normal canvas tent sides, for a wild camping trip up to Botswana and Zimbabwe. Due to the heat and the wildlife roaming around us freely we felt that this would be an ideal solution for us. This was something the company had not done prior to our request. 
In addition to this, last year we wanted to have a larger totally enclosed shower /change room canvas addition made for our van, again for privacy and protection whilst wild camping. 
Alannah was exceptionally helpful, offering us invaluable advice on various aspects of the designs I had come up with for both of our requests. 
The company then manufactured both the mesh sides and the shower room enclosure and we are ecstatic with both of these.
The service we received was amazing, communication was always excellent constantly keeping us in the loop, the manufacturing and delivery was quick and seamless! 
We would highly recommend this company and Alannah to anyone! 

As the exclusive manufacturer of canvas and related components for Afrispoor off-road trailers, we have produced in excess of 400 trailer canvas sets since August 2020.

Our production for Afrispoor includes 270o awnings, plain square awnings, awning extensions, fly sheets, added room cubicles, showers, tent and trailer covers, custom fitted sheets and many more items as indicated on the Canvas and Outdoor page.

We continue to enhance our product offering to Afrispoor and other off-road and camping clients, producing made to measure canvas products that enhance their camping experience.

For our Spa and wellness clients, we have been manufacturing bed covers, body wraps, headbands and the like since 1996. Some of our clients include The Camelot Group, Salon Supplies, Towel Warehouse, Clarins and Dermaclinical and Imbalie.

Our linen range has been in production since the early 2000’s and we have manufactured for the likes of Kudu Ranch, Lindani Lodge, Clarins, Edenroc Retirement home, a few lodges in Botswana as well as for many private doctors and individual households.

Our latest range of foam slouch couches and loungers can be found at Kudu Ranch, 10 Melville place and in various private homes.