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Gowns / Robes


  • Fabric: Towelling, cotton or fleece
  • Style: Kimono or normal



    • Cotton towelling mitts measure 25x15cm
    • Cotton towelling in any colour other than white is generally not available in a quality that we can work with and therefore suggest a microfiber / polyester / fleece fabric should you wish anything other than white.



      • Our headbands are approximately 65cm in length and 9cm wide.
      • They are bound all the way around and have a velcro closure.
      • Our velcro is SABS standard.
      • Fabric: cotton / microfiber / polyester

      Head Wraps


      • Ideally made using cotton towelling for absorption.
      • Sadly, the quality of cotton towelling other than white is poor and therefore we would suggest a polyester towelling should you choose a colour alternative to white.

        Wraps / Boob-tubes


        • These towelling wraps are approximately 95cm in length, elasticated at the back and can utilize velcro or studs as the closure method.
        • Fabric : cotton / polyester towelling.



          • Fabrics: polycotton / cotton / microfiber with stretch.
          • Style:
            • Pants – with leg cuff/plain
            • Shirts – with top pockets / bottom pockets / both