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Tent / Awning Side Walls


    • Our side walls are manufactured using 300g rip-stop canvas and are made to fit your awning/tent.
    • These sides attach to your awning/tent using zips or Velcro.
    • Windows are large and covered with PVC mesh to prevent the entrance of mosquitos and other insects. Windows opens on the inside.
    • Available in Beige and Grey although alternative colours can be sourced.
    • All zips used are YKK and velcro is SABS standard.

Mosquito / Shade Net Sides

Shower Curtains and


  • These showers are manufactured using
    aluminum coated nylon to eliminate
    night-time shadows.
  • A roof can be added to seal in warmth for
    the cooler months

PVC Shower floors

  • This shower floor is made using 550gsm PVC.
  • It is collapsible and utilizes simple straight
    pegs for support.
  • It contains a drainage hole and pipe which takes the water away from your trailer and camping area, keeping your area clean and mud free.

Wheel Covers

  • Wheel covers are made using 400g rip stop canvas or 550g PVC.
  • Options include plain covers or a cover with a bag.
  • Bags have heavy duty YKK zips with a
    double slider to enable locking of the bag.
  • Should you require, the bag can have an opening at the bottom to accommodate your braai grid handle.

Jockey Wheel Covers

  • Made using rip stop canvas, these jockey wheel covers protect your jockey wheel when stationary.

Stone Protectors

  • These are available in a split bag that runs across the entire front of your van or alternatively, two smaller bags either side of a zip panel allowing entry to your gas bottle.
  • These stone protectors are padded to ensure no damage to the paintwork of your van and are available in rip stop canvas or PVC.

Travel Blankets

  • Travel blankets are made to cover the front of your van to protect it from stone damage.

  • It can be made as a single panel that covers the entire front or, as a separate unit that connects to your stone protector as per picture shown. 

  • Design will be specific to your vehicle. 300gsm rip stop canvas is typically used although PVC is also an option.

Draft Skirts

  • Draft skirts are made specifically to fit your vehicle and are attached using aluminum extrusion. 

  • We utilise 300g rip stop canvas and include a pvc mud skirt to cater for height issues experienced at campsites where the ground
    is not even.

Wood Rack Covers

  • These covers are made to the specifications of your wood rack.

  • They are made using PVC and attach to the vehicle using aluminum extrusion.

  • This allows a seamless join to your
    vehicle, keeping water out. 

  • The cover fits snuggly over the wood rack, using shock cord and lacing hooks.

Trailer Covers

  • These are made according to the measurements of your specific van.

  • These. covers are made using our lightest weight rip stop, in either grey or beige, although as previously indicated, alternative colours can be sourced. 

  • These covers fit snugly over your van and can open on each of the four corners to allow access to the van without having to remove the whole cover. 

  • We are currently exploring stretch fabric options to enhance fit.


    A variety of bags are available and will be made to your specifications.

    Examples include:

      • ammo box bags

      • solar panel bags

      • braai grid bags

      • medical supply bags

      • pizza oven bags

      • toiletry bags

      • peg pags

      Miscellaneous Items

      • Because we are a custom shop – we take on all sorts of projects from outdoor roller blinds, recovering camp chairs, machine covers, replacing umbrella canvas, table covers, braai covers, replacement gazebo canvas, and the list goes on.
      • Give us a call and we will do our best to assist.