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We have been manufacturing towelling (and other fabric) products in the spa and salon space for over 30 years.
We use different weights and types of toweling depending on the application.

Bed Covers


  • Bed covers for salons, spas, doctor and therapy rooms can be fitted or fall to the floor.
  • The choice of fabric can be stretch, polyester, microfiber or cotton towelling, or a cotton or linen fabric that brings in your desired colour.
  • Plastic covers are available and are ideal in high turnaround environments and are easy to clean.
  • Elastic and hook ties are placed at two places on the edge of the cover, in order to ensure the cover stays put.



  • Our headbands are approximately 65cm in length and 9cm wide.
  • They are bound all the way around and have a velcro closure.
  • Our velcro is SABS standard.
  • Fabric: cotton / microfiber / polyester

Head Wraps


  • Ideally made using cotton towelling for absorption.
  • Sadly, the quality of cotton towelling other than white is poor and therefore we would suggest a polyester towelling should you choose a colour alternative to white.

    Wraps / Boob-tubes


    • These towelling wraps are approximately 95cm in length, elasticated at the back and can utilize velcro or studs as the closure method.
    • Fabric : cotton / polyester towelling.

      Gowns / Robes


      • Fabric: Towelling, cotton or fleece
      • Style: Kimono or normal



        • Cotton towelling mitts measure 25x15cm
        • Cotton towelling in any colour other than white is generally not available in a quality that we can work with and therefore suggest a microfiber / polyester / fleece fabric should you wish anything other than white.



          • Fabrics: polycotton / cotton / microfiber with stretch.
          • Style:
            • Pants – with leg cuff/plain
            • Shirts – with top pockets / bottom pockets / both